OUR BEliefs


Growth without limits.
Our purpose is to take our experience and use it to help other leaders maximize their own life to increase their career trajectories.
Our coaching foundation rests on a complex set of dimensions called the 9Lens™ framework that analyzes each clients own beliefs, the manifestation of those beliefs in the form of behaviors the displayed to others, and the perceptions of the others to whom those behaviors are displayed.

our approach

We show up with energy and authenticity every day. This energy is required, because our approach to solving complex business problems is multi-dimensional, and takes work. Our approach measures performance in three categories: Leadership Skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Technical Skills and at three levels: Organization, Team and Individual. We then ask our clients to list both their current and desired attributes in each category and measure their performance on a 1-10 scale.

As we continue to work together in a balanced and supportive environment, we apply a 360-degree feedback approach to measure our client's progress over time. We have hard conversations in a place of complete trust, allowing our clients to uncover new solutions in the context of our 9Lens™ framework. Through this framework, our clients are inspired to explore new actions they previously lacked courage or insight to try, which helps them transform personally, and correlates directly to the organization's growth and success.


KLE develops 4 traits of transformational growth:
Clarityto break through barriers and fuel progress by uncovering root problems, discovering new solutions, and learning to communicate effectively.

Alignmentto maximize productivity and efficiency in your organization by ensuring purpose and strategy guide execution, and by matching the right people with the right roles.

Mastery – to help you and your organization reach your full potential by developing a growth mindset and bolstering intention with disciplined action.

Agility – to deliver better, sustainable results faster by implementing tools and processes that work, and by creating a culture of outcomes.