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Who We Are

Kothari Leadership Enterprises provides executive coaching focused on leadership and the achievement of business results. We have guided countless business leaders to grow and completely transform their organizations. From creating and achieving a corporate vision to navigating and executing, mergers and acquisitions, post-acquisition integrations, corporate turnarounds, and restructurings, our decades of business and consulting experience help us hand-tailor programs large and small to each client.  

We work directly with our clients, and walk alongside them and their teams to align intentions, actions, behaviors to exceed corporate goals. We value simple, practical advice that can be implemented immediately, generating positive momentum that leads to accelerated results.


Kothari Leadership Enterprises provides an innovative approach to executive coaching that links emotional intelligence to business results. Led by best-selling author and business consultant Amit Kothari, KLE guides business leaders to organizational breakthroughs.  

Want a self-sufficient business,
and a life you love?

Our methods work to exceed corporate goals by transforming leaders, both in their outlook and the substance of their thoughts. This includes removing psychological blockages (i.e., fear, uncertainty, and doubt), allowing you to focus on and analyze the underlying issues in your company while, empowering you to achieve a higher level of leadership and measurable results.

The Kothari method

THE KOTHARI METHOD uniquely combines Emotional Intelligence + Execution to open minds and create a culture of outcomes. At KLE, we work so intensely in planning and coaching sessions that you will rapidly excel at reaching outside your comfort zone. This will lead you down a productive path, trying new and vital actions in your business and life. In short, we will lead you to become self-aware of the process of change, which will reduce your fear, increase your hope and inspire meaningful progress.

Our core clients are leaders who want to live with purpose so masterfully that they leave a legacy. If you come to us, it’s because you have an aspiration to grow. You are curious to learn how your organization can increase production and productivity while reducing friction. You want to measure your progress against goals, and are now willing to invest in the operational discipline to do so. You don’t want to get lucky; you want your success to be a certainty. You are aware something needs to change, but unaware of what action to take.  

If this is you, we can’t wait to connect. There’s work to be done, and trust us, it will be challenging, sometimes frustrating, ultimately transformational–but also a lot of fun.
The Kothari Method Book

THE KOTHARI METHOD AND YOU bestseller in Business Consulting and Modern Philosophy



‍Because every client is unique, our services are bespoke. We mold our coaching and consulting services to each specific client’s needs, guaranteeing no two clients ever get the exact same “diagnosis” or solution.  

●     Executive coaching for individual clients
●     Organizational coaching, focused on broader management teams
●     Business consulting, focusing on leadership and tangible, fiscal results
●     Corporate mergers & acquisitions
●     Corporate turnaround &restructuring
●     Speaking engagements 


A driving force in our organization is to create more happiness in the workplace. In our experience, the journey to happiness starts at the top. A happy and empowered leader can purposefully share his or her positivity with their entire organization, leading to greater employee satisfaction, improved morale and productivity, and reduced turnover.  

As fans of the movie PAY IT FORWARD, we strive to be a part of a legacy of positive people whose actions make this world a better place. And that’s not just lip service. It’s the core belief at the heart of KLE.


Let’s connect and see if our coaching and consulting services can help you and your organization. At the very least, we love expanding our network and having new conversations with curious and goal-minded individuals like yourself.  
Every new interaction is an opportunity to grow, so say hi.

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