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Kothari Leadership Enterprises (KLE) is an executive coaching and strategic consulting practice designed for leaders who never want to stop growing – personally and professionally. Our holistic EQ+Execution™ approach and practical 9Lens Framework™ solves problems at the root to enable leaders and organizations to reach their potential, transforming today’s limits into tomorrow’s abundance.

Amit Kothari

Get a Taste of KLE by watching Amit introduce the first lens of KLE's 9Lens Framework™ in this 1 minute video below.

KLE's 9Lens Framework™ - Lens 1

Led by Amit Kothari, best-selling author and seasoned COO / CFO, the Kothari Leadership team uses an innovative approach to executive coaching that links emotional intelligence to business results.

Better decisions.
Better results.

We work along side the organization to align intentions, actions, behaviors. As you grow, we can fill any gaps and introduce new tools and frameworks. We value practical advice that can be implemented immediately, generating positive momentum followed by accelerated results.

The Kothari method: THREE crystal clear steps to mastering leadership

THE KOTHARI METHOD uniquely combines Emotional Intelligence + Execution™ to open minds and create a culture of outcomes.

This is not a typical leadership book; this is a leaders guide of practical tools you can apply today. Amit Kothari brings a brilliant blend of practical psychology and step-by-step strategies to master and scale a business. Every principle is proven on the firing line with more than 1,000 CEOs. The Kothari Method is sure to unleash the true potential of any CEO who reads it (and acts on it).

Amazon Bestseller: Kindle & Digital Available

The Kothari Method Book

KLE SUccess Stories

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Because every client is unique, our services are bespoke. We mold our coaching and consulting services to your needs, guaranteeing no two clients ever get the exact same “diagnosis” or solution.  
Services include coaching, leadership training, consulting, inspirational speakers, and leadership assessments.

Executive Coaching – Our individual coaching program is designed to elevate the leadership skills, emotional intelligence (“EQ”), and technical skills needed to define and execute your company vision. We help you become a transformative change agent for your organization and conduct your professional life with purpose.

Operational Consulting – Through detailed analysis of organizational roles, processes, and current performance, you will gain new perspectives and practical tools to improve execution speed and quality, unlock innovation, and effectively measure and manage performance. Specialists in finance, sales, marketing, and human resources functions.

Management Coaching – By expanding the executive coaching model to senior management, your leadership team will learn how to align the organization behind clear goals, build a productive, enjoyable work culture, develop communication and delegation skills, and implement performance incentives that lead to results.

Growth Consulting – For companies undergoing significant organizational or financial change, our experts can guide you through Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), restructuring, and turnaround scenarios. We provide the insights you need to develop or refine your business strategy, identify and mitigate operational risks, and regain financial health and profitability.

Commit With us

Commitment. What does that mean to you? What levels of commitment do you observe on your team?
Intention + Courage = Authentic Commitment
Watch this video to get a preview of our EQ+Execution™ approach.


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