What people think

Clients have attested to transformational and sustainable change in their lives and businesses. We are proud to have several repeat clients, who come to us again and again as they grow and their needs and goals evolve.

Woodruff-Sawyer and Company

“We have been the entrepreneurial and sales-driven office of an established firm. Our formula for success is exceeding the customers' expectations. Amit has helped us build the leadership team and infrastructure which will enable us to double our size in the next three years and make our firm the risk and insurance broker of choice for our clients and our employees. We certainly would have continued to grow, but I am now confident that during our growth, we will retain our culture and attract even more talented professionals to add to our team. Without Amit, we were at risk of out growing our organizational maturity. We recently worked with Amit on refining our vision and values, and they are the underpinning to our success.

I am most impressed with Amit in that he is not afraid to say what is needed, even if we do not want to hear it.  He is credible, because of his history of success and he can explain his rationale and expected outcomes. Clearly, we collaborate on the final answer, but his input is valued and requested. He has the uncanny ability to identify the true root cause of obstacles we create in achieving our own vision, and identifies a set of paths we can take to resume our ascent. He adds value by instilling in us the direction on how we can do it ourselves. It is harder to manage growth than the status quo and that is when we are stretched. Amit helps us learn how to make critical decisions during this time so we can create sustainable, compounding growth.

The ROI for our customers, employees and business partners is measurable. Amit helps us individually develop as leaders, he serves this office by supporting its growth and he adds value to the Firm at a strategic level.”
- Ron Packouz
Partner, Head of Office


“I have strong beliefs, and I feel fortunate that my career continues to be successful. I believe that there is even more that I am meant to accomplish. Amit has helped me change the trajectory of my career by his insightful blend of business acumen and leadership experience. His business experience allows his input to be impactful across vision, process, and strategy; even in the billion dollar organizations that I am in. He is direct yet compassionate, which allows me to digest his input and implement it in my evolving style. I find myself happier and more effective when we collaborate on how I conduct my daily responsibilities and drive my career forward.

Anyone can claim to be a leadership guru, but it takes experience, talent, and dedication to fully deliver. Amit has this, and more. I would recommend him to anyone.”
- Paul Ninefeldt
Global Product Manager


“An absolute hands down asset to our management team’s continued success. I strongly recommend Amit to anyone looking to achieve a higher level of success, fast.”
- Founder


“Amit shows a knack of quickly absorbing the key business dynamics in my business. He just “gets it”, and has no problem identifying the obstacles that are preventing your goals. He is creative, and retains the ability to pinpoint the improvements you can make in your current approach. Amit is 100% committed and never ceases to amaze me on his ability to quickly navigate within our company, as though he has been an employee for years. I will continue to use Amit’s expertise in future corporate ventures.”
- Lucas Kraut
Sales and Marketing Executive

Musical Chairs Tickets

“Amit has been incredibly impactful in changing the trajectory of my business.  I have had my successful business over 20 years.  One of my strengths is creativity and the ability to see opportunities to exploit.  Amit helped me filter which ideas to execute and which to shelve.  He then helped me implement the ideas in an orderly way, bringing my organization along with me.  From leadership, management, strategy, to execution, Amit is an asset to my organization and our revenue growth.”
- Brad Schy
Founder and CEO

Fiberguide Industries

“At first, I was hesitant to employ a leadership coach. After all, we live in the age of the Internet; I can download any number of webinars, books, or articles and apply that to my scenario, right? Wrong. I finally moved forward in search of a corporate coach, at the strong recommendation of a trusted colleague, and I am beyond pleased that I did. The difference is comparable to doing a home exercise DVD, rather than employing an expert trainer. I could never have achieved what I have without the expertise, insight, and unwavering commitment of Amit. He is personable, and a pleasure to work with. He quickly finds the errors in your methodology, management issues, and communication struggles, and provides quick and efficient steps for improving results. I wish I had employed Amit YEARS ago!”
- Steve Wilkes
Sales and Marketing Executive

Manufacturing Company

“I had truly reached a standstill when I decided to meet with Amit. I had tried everything within my knowledge, to achieve the results I was looking for – however, it seemed whatever I did, I was blocked. I begrudgingly looked into hiring a coach, and met with Amit. Within minutes I knew he was the coach for me. Kind, enthusiastic, with a true expertise in large scale corporate issues. I could not have achieved what I have without the skillful intervention of Amit.”
General Manager

RealSource Partners

"Amit has been a tremendous coach/mentor to me. From the day we met he was actively assisting me with my career and leadership opportunities. It has been energizing going through the process of developing my strengths and to have help navigating a clear path of professional and personal growth. I can’t overstate how effective he has been at helping me expand my thought process about my brand, network of relationships, communication and ultimately how to become even more impactful in the workplace and life. I would recommend him to anyone looking to take their career to the next level."
- Danny Romero

Staffing Company

“I am the Founder and President of my own staffing company, which I started 10 years ago and have been pretty successful. Amit came into my life through a business transaction I was interested in, and I have continued to work with him because he adds to both my life and my business. He has consistently over-delivered. From day one, he has assessed me and my business correctly and continues to actively engage me in tough but helpful conversations about how to get the most out of myself and my business. Despite my prior success, I have been wanting to make myself and my business more valuable. Amit has been a great partner to discuss options regarding my business and has been instrumental in helping me maximize my leadership skills, the "promotion ability" of my business and the running of my team. In addition, he has referred some prospective customers to me. I have been exposed to coaches in the past. Amit is trustworthy and caring, and I am very comfortable sharing my thoughts as I know I will receive direct and impactful feedback that will push me to take action towards attaining my goals. Given his 10+ years experience as a C-Level executive, Amit has a deep understanding of the real issues I face, and I trust his advice as it comes from many years of business experience. Amit's experience enables him to wear many hats and advise on a wide spectrum of business challenges. I could not be more grateful for his help, and I recommend him without reservation. I plan to continue to partner with him as he over delivers and has played a large part in not only my success, but my company's success.”
Founder and President

7 Continents Consulting

“I have known Amit for over 20 years, and I can speak to his intelligence, maturity and business experience. As Principal and Founder of my own management consulting practice, I have turned to Amit for business and leadership advice. He is a powerful combination of IQ and EQ, with a proven business acumen, sharp analytical skills and the ability to distill a myriad of information and thoughts into a succinct, usable and actionable framework. Amit has the ability and passion to drive and inspire senior executives, entrepreneurs and business professionals to grow and learn. He also possesses the rare talent to communicate clearly and constructively. With no doubt, organizations and leaders can benefit from Amit's powerful business skill set and his ability to lead, motivate and inspire.”
- Leah Cadavona
Principal & Founder

Chemical Products Company

“What we really, really liked, well, obviously Amit’s energy. It’s wonderful, and we needed that kind of energy because so many of us have been here for so long and just because we feel like...we’re stuck. We don’t know how to get to the next level. The energy and background in business...they’re business people. They’re not just psychologists trying to coach us. They know business.”

Insurance and Brokerage Company

‘. . . I think KLE does many things. They come in and say, “Hey, I’ve (KLE) got a process. This is real work. This is not me feeling good in a tree house with you, but that process has to involve some gray space where we are going to define it when we’re there and we’re going to lead heavier on one day versus another or one section or another based on what we learned because it’s iterative.”  
KLE's coaching is about getting people aligned with their skill-sets and what we want of them and getting them sort of tweaked or repurposed and I would say the results have all been positive...I see success in whatever KLE is doing for us as I watch the people/person they’re working with become much more aware of how to be a better version of themselves, and more effective, for both themselves and by definition, for us.  
And my belief is if people are more plugged in with what their skills are, what their weaknesses are and they’re open to learning and getting better, we benefit selfishly as an organization.’